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Rehabilitation exercise

Rehabilitation exercise


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Accessibility Help

Site Accessibility

In line with eEurope targets on accessibility, the Irish government has made similar recommendations for Irish sites; the National Disability Authority (NDA) has been invited to monitor progress in this area.  The (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) WCAG are divided into Priority 1, 2 and 3 checkpoints. The minimum accessibility requirements for web sites has been set at meeting all priority 1 and priority 2 checkpoints. A web site that meets priority 1 and 2 checkpoints is said to be WAI AA conformant.
The principal audience for this site, people who have suffered a stroke, have particular accessibility needs in relation to websites. This site attempts to address those needs and the navigation is laid out with those users in mind. 

We also aim to improve access to the site for people with physical and learning difficulties, and also to make the site more accessible for those using low spec PCs and communication channels. We will be continually benchmarking the site against W3C/WAI accessibility guidelines to achieve AAA standard , but presently we are at Level AA compliance.

Page Layout and Navigation

Each Page comprises four main sections
Righthand Side Navigation - Links to the six main sections of the Website. 
Sub Navigation  - When you select a category on the Righthand menu bar a list of further sub navigation links for that section is available
Additional Links on each page - Accessibility Help, Skip Nav, Site Map, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Bulletin Board, Share Your Experience

Accessibility Enhancements

Skip Nav - button on the top left hand corner of site will allow the user to skip navigation links and go directly to the first piece of content.
Text Size Changer - A facility is provided for users to increase the font size of every page
Images - Alternative Text is provided for all images and image type buttons, null value is used for spacer images and for side navigations.  There is no movement or blinking in any images.  A text equivalent is provided for all Non text elements
Colour - The site does not rely upon colour to convey content.  Images have sufficient contrast for people with colour deficient vision.
Style Sheets - All documents can be read without the use of Style Sheets.
Language - Wherever possible clear and simple language has been used.  Jargon and Technical terms are avoided.
Relative sizing and positioning - is in use across the site except for some layout tables which use absolute sizing. The site is optimised for 800x600 resolution using these absolute sizes.
Input Device - Interface device-independent, you can navigate through the site using the keyboard.

See link to keyboard shortcuts below

Keyboard Shortcuts for using the Address Bar
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Keyboard Shortcuts for viewing and exploring Web pages
Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts


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